Private Cloud

Public Cloud features on your premises

Competitive Pricing

Cheaper than public clouds but on your own premises and terms with the flexibility and features you require.


Stay in control! Your data, configurations, performance tuning and security under your command.


The ease-of-use from public clouds dedicated to your organisation, localised wherever you need it.

Do you have any of these challenges?

Public Cloud

Too Expensive

Mature organisations find that at scale the economics of public cloud do not make sense and require more intelligent use of public, private and hybrid solutions.

Vendor Lock-In

Dependency on a vendor’s technology or “stack” can create lock-in and risk.

Lack of flexibility

The inability to fine tune and configure infrastructure limits the organisations agility.

Private Cloud

Too Complex

Running a private cloud is complex business that is not a competency in most organisations.


Keeping up pace with public cloud providers is an impossible challenge for any single organisation.


Infrastructure may get in the way of new applications and/or development.

We’ve got the answer!

A software stack that can scale and innovate at the speed of business.

A completely managed solution, using best of breed software and our experience in operating large scale public infrastructures, but for you, internally! You get all the benefits of a public cloud but running on your own premises and you do not sacrifice speed or simplicity.

You can choose to deploy on your premises, ours or our datacenter partners.

Our offering is 100% open, differentiated and competitively priced.

Download the software

The software we use to power is completely open source with non-restrictive licensing. Developed in the open by Joyent, a Samsung owned company, we encourage contributions from the community to help create the next generation of cloud.

Grab the lastest build:

curl -C - -O

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    Customer Case Studies

    • “When one of Israels largest events companies wanted to reduce the number of incidents provoking downtime, they turned to and our professional services. Spearhead reduced downtime by 99% in just 3 months, delivered a 50% increase in performance and reduced costs by 40%.”
    • “When one of the Middle Easts largest Travel companies wanted to deliver global services they turned to for a platform that reduces complexity by providing stable technology and comprehensive operations support.”
      Travel Agency
    • ““When one of the worlds largest Travel Technology companies wanted to scale they turned to Spearhead for a scalable platform that could handle the dynamic and realtime requirements of the travel industry.””
      Travel Technology
    • “When one of Romanias largest e-commerce suppliers wanted to reduce complexity and costs they turned to Spearhead and our public cloud solution. With comprehensive support services including architecture design, operation and maintenance they run a more streamlined operation that scales up and down as the business requires.”
    • “The Spearhead team is well-trained and can support almost any IT need (covering both infrastructure and services).”
      Tiberiu Chirea
      Technology Director, Litera Publishing House
    • “We had a pleasant, prolific experience with the services and products offered by Spearhead Systems considering both collaboration and implementations delivered on time, in accordance with our requirements.”
      Emil Costea
      Head of Technical Services Division, INCAS - National Institute for Aerospace Research "Elie Carafoli"
    • “Since day one we felt like we made the right choice. Spearhead is a warm home, it is not just the brand, it is the people behind. The main advantage of Spearhead services is that the team is always willing to listen to your needs, they professionally analyze the process regardless the size of the project, every single step is documented followed by follow up calls.”
      Tzafrir Ben Anvinoam
      General Manager Btravel Online