A great place to get started with the public cloud: compute, storage and networking at affordable, predictable pricing.

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Get started with spearhead.cloud for free

    A simple, high performance public cloud

    We built spearhead.cloud so that is is easy to use and highly performant. As a result, you can focus on what is important for your business, not servers and infrastructure.

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    You know your business. We know infrastructure

    We take care of the infrastructure and get servers out of your way. Therefore, you are free to focus on more important matters.

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    Private Cloud with Public Cloud flexibility

    Use the same software that is powering spearhead.cloud and many other high performance clouds around the world. You own the data, the configuration and security of your cloud.

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    Use spearhead.cloud to get things done


    Easily setup and configure your website using prebuilt templates or let us help you with a tailor made solution.

    Business Software

    Run your business software such as CRM, ERP, file and document management and much more.

    Dev & Test

    Spin up test & dev environments without the concern of breaking production systems.

    DR & BCP

    Create backup and disaster recovery solutions that provide business continuity and peace of mind.

    Realtime apps

    Use popular frameworks and programming languages such as nodejs to deliver realtime web applications.


    Build your next hit video game on spearhead.cloud and scale automatically using our container based architecture.

    Everything you need to quickly and easily get started

    Virtual private servers (VPS)

    Everything you need, ready to use in minutes via pre-configured instances. In addition, we can create custom instances for your unique requirements.


    Docker can communicate directly with the spearhead.cloud to launch and control Docker containers on bare metal across an entire datacenter. Alternatevly, you can create your own private Docker hosts for maximum control.

    Comprehensive API

    Use a simple, comprehensive and flexible API to extend your application, integrate with external applications or to manage the complete lifecycle of your systems and services in the spearhead.cloud.

    Simple Load Balancing (LB)

    Automatic load balancing for containers and virtual machines to help you easily scale your modern web application.

    Secure and high performance
    networks (SDN)

    Each server and container gets its own unique IP and global firewall. Furthermore, you can configure Fabrics and VLANS to keep your systems private.

    Professional services

    We know the importance of having knowledgeable, timely information and a helping hand. Count on Spearhead to be there when you need us, we are after all an IT services company.

    Object Storage (New!)

    Take control of your data with an object store like no other. Based on Joyent Manta ™, we deliver a simple to use, developer friendly, robust, durable and secure object storage.

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      • “The Spearhead team is well-trained and can support almost any IT need (covering both infrastructure and services).”
        Tiberiu Chirea
        Technology Director, Litera Publishing House
      • “We had a pleasant, prolific experience with the services and products offered by Spearhead Systems considering both collaboration and implementations delivered on time, in accordance with our requirements.”
        Emil Costea
        Head of Technical Services Division, INCAS - National Institute for Aerospace Research "Elie Carafoli"
      • “Since day one we felt like we made the right choice. Spearhead is a warm home, it is not just the brand, it is the people behind. The main advantage of Spearhead services is that the team is always willing to listen to your needs, they professionally analyze the process regardless the size of the project, every single step is documented followed by follow up calls.”
        Tzafrir Ben Anvinoam
        General Manager Btravel Online