We believe there is a simple and better way to getting things done in the cloud.


spearhead.cloud is a project of Spearhead Systems, a company founded in 2011 in Bucharest, Romania. We provide cloud computing services that are easy-to-use and get out of the way, allowing you to focus on your business. spearhead.cloud was built based on experience in designing and operating complex IT infrastructures utilising industry best practices for some of the most prestigious companies around.


Spearhead is not just another cloud, we deliver a completely managed service for the majority of our customers, often times as an extension of their own IT capabilities. Spearhead can offer the necessary compute, storage and network requirements but also architecture and application design. This in turn means we can help you from the very start of a nascent idea or somewhere down the road when that idea is ready to be prototyped, tested or dynamically scaled in production.  In short, we are full service IT provider that operates a public cloud as a means to more easily deliver technical support services for our global customer base.


At our core we are an IT services company with over 17 years experience on the IT market. Our mission is to help people and business get things done using modern technology. To this end, we work with market leaders in technology and open source communities to find and maintain a balance between hype and reality. Our methodology is based on a scientific approach which includes comprehensive IT monitoring and identifying the right tools. We separate the hype from reality when it comes to technology and provide a fine selection of technologies and services catered to specific requirements. As a result, we decided to deliver a stable, public platform for you to build upon.

Best of breed technologies

One of the worlds best engineered operating systems designed specifically for cloud computing. With features such as ZFS, Zones, bare-metal Docker, multiple virtual machine hypervisors and DTrace, we know your systems will be in good company with us.

We are colocated in a TIER3 datacenter owned and operated by Deutsche Telekom. The datacenter has two colocation rooms with completely independent infrastructure offering complete redundancy. The datacenter is 27 km from the Airport and 4km from the city center of Bucharest with all the bells and whistles you would expect from a modern datacenter.

We take privacy and vendor lock-in seriously so that you are always in control of your data, wherever you may choose to host it. Spearhead truly stands on the shoulder of giants and none of this would be possible without the great efforts of the open source communities around. Flexibility, agility and speed are some of reasons we are 100% open source..

We provide a few options for your container strategy. From lightweight containers that run simple Docker apps to more complex Docker hosts and Kubernetes clusters. The lightweight options provide zero performance impact as they run directly on bare metal while our virtualisation technology is close to metal performance.

The container name service provides built-in DNS serviecs for your instances. You can even provide service tags and create simple load balancing scenarios without any fuss.

Use your favorite Linux distribution in spearhead.cloud easily and quickly. We create images for the most popular distributions and can help bring you own custom distro if it is not already here. We usually do this without any additional costs (RHEL, OEL, SLES for example are all proprietary and usually require a subscription).

We can also provide most proprietary distributions as a SaaS offering. However, we'd love to talk to you about Debian and how we can contribute to a free software distribution that is Enterprise grade. Help us give something back to the community

Within spearhead.cloud we can provide you with complex SDN features and network modelling. Assign physical nics to your instances via tags, IP address with relocation support and network pools for VLANS and fabric networks. You can also set-up gateways to provide Internet access to your private instances.

spearhead.cloud architecture

No other cloud provides so much choice and flexibility. You can do more with less with spearhead.cloud due to our high performance architecture.

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