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Simple to use Elastic Containers and Virtual Machines

A simplified approach to VM’s and Containers offers a cloud computing experience that is simple to use yet powerful, stable and secure. We do this by focusing on what is truly important and not trying to keep pace with trends and hype. Furthermore, we align by listening closely to what our customers truly need.

By making a platform that gets out of our customers way we offer a simplified approach to compute by making sure we do what we know best, that is the service delivery for the IT infrastructure, and our customers to what they do best, run their business and use technology as tool to get things done.

Our platform provides rich API’s, many built-in features for software defined storage and networking and of course security.

Choose the best solution that fits your specific requirements or contact us to help you define a tailor made one.

Docker, the easy way

Use an entire datacenter as a single elastically scaled Docker Host. Rapidly deploy docker containers, tiered applications and much more using the Docker tools you are already familiar with.

With Elastic Docker Host you do not need to worry about Docker hosts, just simply pull in the images you want and deploy.

Great for performance

Elastic Bare Metal delivers bare metal performance for your containers with virtual machine flexibility. Deploy Linux for whatever workloads you require, resize on-demand and feel the power as you benefit from every bit of compute power available to you.

Best for legacy applications and operating systems

Our virtual machines run close to bare metal speeds, wrapped in highly secure zones and provide a wide variety of images to choose from such as Linux, Windows, FreeBSD and Docker Hosts.

Best for Stateless Docker Apps

Triton for Kubernetes provisions production ready k8s clusters into, on-premises or cross-cloud deployments. Functionalities include high availbility, multi-environment support and much more.

If you are interested in running tritong-kubernetes please reach out. We can also provide custom tailored managed k8s offering.

Professional Services and Support

Spearhead is an experienced IT service provider

Infrastructure Services

  • IT Advisory and Consulting
  • IT Monitoring
  • Public, Private & Hybrid Cloud Deployments
  • Cloud Implementation (Compute, Storage, Network, Security)
  • Migration Strategy & Implementation
  • Production / Go-Live Support

Application Services

  • Development
  • API Frameworks and Gateway
  • Debugging & Triage tools
  • Design (mobile, responsive, etc.)
  • HPC (High Performance Computing – scientific, research, etc.)
  • Application Orchestration & Open Source services

Support Services

  • Software installation
  • Software maintenance
  • Software Configuration
  • General Maintenance/Operation

Customer Case Studies

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