Spearhead Associates Program Details

Application Review Process

We look for associates that add value to spearhead.cloud customers. If you are passionate about the delivery of Cloud Computing services, a technical / content writer/creator or just passionate about our IT products and services, you may be the right fit. 

Signing up

After you sign up, our team will check your submitted form and get in touch with you to build your Associate Profile. The Associate Profile contains links, pages, social media accounts, etc., where you believe you could promote spearhead.cloud. Please note that personal orders do not qualify. In our review, we check all of the sites you’ve provided (websites, mobile apps, social network pages) to ensure that they meet our customer experience requirements.  

You are also free to sign up even if you do not own such assets but would like to submit and earn revenue from qualified leads. Feel free to sign-up and mention during our Associate Profile steps that you do not intend to publicly promote but rather drive leads directly to us.

Commissions Schedule

As a Spearhead Cloud Associate you can earn commissions for Qualifying Purchases of Products and Services within the following categories:

Fixed Standard Commission Rates

For each Qualifying Product or Service there is a corresponding Commission rate applied as follows:

Service On-demand 12 month commitment 36 month commitment
Cloud Compute 50% of MRC 1 x MRC 3 x MRC
Object Storage 10% of 1 x MRC 20% of 1 x MRC 30% of 3 x MRC
Spearhead Backup & DR 50% of MRC 1 x MRC 3 x MRC

* support services (consulting, technical support) have a fixed commission rate of 10%.

* Licenses (such as Microsoft Windows or third-party applications) are subtracted from the MRC.

Special Commission Rates

We also provide a bounty program based on a periodically published and announced Bounty Events schedule. These events are periodic "campaigns" that we put together to promote a specific Product or Service from Spearhead.Cloud. Previous Bounty Events include:

  • spearhead.cloud backup, disaster recovery services - 20% fixed commission rate

  • spearhead.cloud "lift & shift" your legacy applications to the cloud - 15% fixed commission rate

  • spearhead.cloud object store analytics - 40% fixed commission rate