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Object Storage object storage is Joyent TRITON(tm) MANTA, which means it is engineered to run the worlds largest cloud native applications. We use MANTA to deliver many of our services in a reliable, performant and secure manner. Check out some of the ways you can use object storage within the

Simple and Developer Friendly

Simple to use via a CLI and comprehensive API, you are able to get things done quickly and efficiently.


Security is built-in and you can expand on that by using object-level security controls and role based access control.

Durable & Scalable

Scale dynamically based on your unique requirements and rest assured your data is safe.

Here are some things you can do with object storage

Create snapshots of databases, entire systems or specific data. Since our object storage uses familiar concepts you can easily integrate with existing scripts and procedures to provide for easy backup and recovery scenarios.

Use our object storage to create snapshots of important data such as databases or static assets and easily upload them using rich API’s or command line tools.

You can easily integrate our object storage with your application to provide image and video processing features. Backup photos and videos from mobile devices or other cloud storages, process them as necessary (transcoding, thumbnail creation, etc.).

Easily checksum every payload so that you can verify the integrity of the data you are working with.

Using standard tools such as R, NumPy or SciPY you can quickly and easily get started with Big Data and Analytics.

Dealing with large amounts of data from IoT, mobile devices or realtime platforms can be difficult. Using our object storage we can help ease some of the pain.

We can help speed delivery of important assets at the edge or to your mobile customers.

Get started using object storage

Professional Services and Support

Spearhead is an experienced IT service provider

Infrastructure Services

  • IT Advisory and Consulting
  • IT Monitoring
  • Public, Private & Hybrid Cloud Deployments
  • Cloud Implementation (Compute, Storage, Network, Security)
  • Migration Strategy & Implementation
  • Production / Go-Live Support

Application Services

  • Development
  • API Frameworks and Gateway
  • Debugging & Triage tools
  • Design (mobile, responsive, etc.)
  • HPC (High Performance Computing – scientific, research, etc.)
  • Application Orchestration & Open Source services

Support Services

  • Software installation
  • Software maintenance
  • Software Configuration
  • General Maintenance/Operation