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There comes a time when big changes happen, and we have to embrace them properly. Just like when Joyent announced some major changes coming to their public cloud business, on June 6th, 2019. Having worked closely with Joyent we know that their heartfelt sense of responsibility to their customers is real and that the decision was not taken lightly. We know this because Joyent invested time, money and code (in our case) to make sure their customers find a suitable home

In fact, right after their announcement, it was very interesting to see that we received requests for migrations to and all had a similar opening line: “We are happy Joyent customers.”. The keyword being happy.

Here at Spearhead we are committed to delivering a professional service in the same spirit as Joyent has done and we are truly honored to be an option for their customers. What is remarkable is that even if our two companies may be completely different in culture, size and purpose, one thing is similar and has consistently been made clear: our dedication to our customers and a real sense of doing what is right for them.

The last couple of weeks have been full of mixed feelings.

We are also happy customers of Joyent’s on-demand cloud infrastructure as well as some of our worldwide customers. And it can only be an opportunity for us @Spearhead to continue to deliver the services we are known for but from our own platform. And now on a larger scale. 

We are looking forward to the next years as we plan to add more data centers, initially in Romania and then to expand to some of our current target markets (MENA and EMEA). We plan to collaborate with more engineers (both support and software) to help us scale and deliver new services such as integrations with larger cloud providers, in order to provide a multi-cloud experience, our own marketplace and app store and finding new ways to simplify the use of public cloud. 

All of this would not be possible without the great engineering and support we have received directly and indirectly from Joyent.

Cloud computing is almost a must for most companies because it allows them to focus on their business. The worldwide public cloud services could double and reach $210 billion in 2019, according to IDC. The benefits of using a public cloud are countless: efficiency, optimization, agility, flexibility and so on. At the same time, it is very important to choose the right partner to provide what a company really needs. It is getting more and more difficult to separate marketing hype from what you truly require to operate a modern IT infrastructure or a business. who, what, when. is based on Triton. Thanks to the direct efforts by Joyent, we offer a similar experience to the Joyent Public Cloud and are in the process of implementing MANTA in our EU Bucharest datacenter. We want to offer the same quality of service and high performance that existing customers are used to and are investing to make sure we are a relevant option now and in the future. We will continue to work closely with Joyent to provide a high performance, simplified cloud experience suitable for our customers specific requirements both on-premise or in our or partners clouds. 

Our history with Joyent.

We have been working with Joyent for almost 10 years with customers all over the world either in the Joyent Public Cloud or running their own on-premise Triton. We have also been operating our own public cloud for the last 2 years with some of our region’s most prestigious customers. We are confident that we will continue to deliver a service that will not disappoint; Spearhead truly stands on the shoulders of giants that continue to help us as we grow. As always, we will continue to wade through the over-hyped marketing surrounding cloud and to find new ways to bring value by the pragmatic use of technology.

What we are planning to do with Joyent from now on?

Joyent and their technology will continue to be a cornerstone in our public cloud offering as well as the majority of our private and hybrid projects. We continue to collaborate as we take on more customers and begin to scale by way of new data-centers and new services. Joyent’s technology continues to be second to none and there is now a focus on delivering new features to Triton that will bring new value to our own offering. Looking a few years ahead, we would like to contribute back to the community that has made possible.

What is our purpose

Our mission with is to deliver professional technical support services to help companies use modern technology efficiently, safely and at affordable prices. While we would love for all customers to join our own public cloud, this is not a prerequisite for our service delivery. We work with Azure, AWS, GPC and SoftLayer as well as many smaller ISP/Datacenter service providers throughout the world. In fact, this flexibility is what has helped Spearhead work on many global projects with many different partners and customers: we are agnostic when it comes to technology (although highly opinionated) and choose to work with the technology that is a fit for our customers’ requirements. What truly matters to us and our bottom line is our delivery of technical support services and we do this independently of any specific cloud or hosting provider. 

The 800-pound gorillas

It would be difficult not to mention AWS, Azure or Google in the context of public cloud. We are satisfied with our own trajectory as a cloud service provider and confident that like-minded businesses will value what we offer over the offers from current market leaders. We offer a simplified service, a more personal relationship with our customers and a pragmatic approach to using technology without the hype. We ask the hard questions and help our customers choose the right technology to fit their current and future requirements. In most cases we realize that not everyone needs googles infrastructure or Walmart’s big data analytics requirements, so we are able to optimize for a better return on our customers’ investments. Rest assured if you require googles infrastructure you will know, and we are happy to assist you in scaling to that level. Luckily however the majority of use just want technology to get things done and out of our way and this is where we excel: we get technology out of your way so that you can focus on your business.

More to know about Spearhead.

Spearhead has a long history in delivering complex and comprehensive IT services. We believe there is a better way to deliver cloud computing services to our target markets and customers and are dedicated to having a relevant offer for individuals and companies that are interested in using technology as a tool to getting things done and not getting lost in the never-ending technology trend cycle. We have a pragmatic approach to using modern technology.

We would be delighted to have you onboard if our philosophy resonates with you.