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Automated Billing

Work on integration with 3rd party payment process for billing and subscription management. Currently we manually create tenant accounts and let our backoffice ERP systems handle billing. We are working on integration with all major credit card companies, Paypal and other payment processors to make paying in a breeze.



Joyent MANTA(tm) is much more than an object store, you can run complex compute operations right on the data that is in the object store without having to move it. This is made even more simple by the fact that you can use common UNIX know-how to create complex computational jobs. We are working on implementation and integration of a MANTA object store in our Bucharest Datacenter.



We want to make it as easy as possible for your to quickly get access to the Applications you need. Docker has made this considerably easier yet it is still a technical persons domain. We are working on a way for to package complete application functionalities via a new Application Store where you can easily find and use application you require. Think Apple App Store.


Additional Datacenter Locations

We plan on expanding regionally with additional data-centers. Our initial plan is to expand with an additional DC location in our region (Easter Europe) with a focus on Northern Romania or Bulgaria in Equinix.